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With over 15 years experience in the fire safety industry. Just Fire Doors are experts and we understand the need for all components to be installed correctly to ensure complete protection in the event of a fire. We offer doors in standard and bespoke sizes. As well as a large choice in size, we provide a wide range in designs, finishes and glazing options. All our fire doors are fully certified and our installation team are third party accredited, to install all types of fire doors, frames and screens.

Fire Door Installation

The correct installation of fire doors is key to their overall performance, as it ensures the fire door is reliable to its true fire rating, i.e. FD30s and FD60s. All our doors are installed to the code of practice and British Standard. Upon completion of all installations, a certificate of conformity is issued following a final on site check by our fire door diploma holder FDIS (Dip).

Fire Door Maintenance

Maintaining a fire door is critical to ensure that there is no chance of fire or smoke passing through the door in the event of a fire. Fire Doors should be checked regularly depending on their use. It is recommended, that fire doors are checked every 6 months as per BS9999. We offer annual contracts for maintenance of fire doors which includes routine inspections by a FDIS (Dip) assessor. This forms part of a minimum service level agreement (MSLA) which can be planned up to a 3 year period.  

Follow this link to see first hand, how to install a door set (door and frame) in an exceptionally quick time, saving time and saving labour costs.

Come to us for piece of mind and a job that will be fully certified & meet all current fire safety standards.