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Phoenix Global Enterprises Ltd

Phoenix Global Enterprises (PGE) is a newly incorporated e-commerce retail management business who buy existing online retail sites/businesses.

PGE is the 'holding Company' for a number of trading names and other limited companies, these include at present the following but will increase as PGE grows

  • FireQuest UK Ltd

  • Just Fire Doors

  • Vintage Vibe

  • Pets Perfect

The original business (FireQuest UK Ltd) was incorporated in 2002 and is organised within the fire safety industry, offering consultancy and training. Just Fire Doors is an e-commerce based business which has been operating as a trading name under FireQuest UK Ltd since 2009 and mainly provides fire doors. The latest acquisitions are Vintage Vibe (furniture) and Pets Perfect (pet products) which were purchased also early 2017.
Our new business model is set within the e-commerce sector and the primary market is purchasing of existing online businesses with a proven track record on trading.
For further information, please see below link to the Phoenix Global Enterprises website: